Popular Classic Cars with Stylish Features

The evolution of the automobile industry has provided some of the best features in the present day’s vehicles. The driverless innovation and specific features such as self-parking feature surround sound and hot seats make the present automobile industry the best of age. However, there are several people fond of the classic or vintage cars. These cars may be relatively different from the present cars in terms of designs and drive. Nonetheless, they were a class apart in the earlier days. Acorn Stairlifts goes through the yesteryears viewing some of the popular vintage cars.

Volkswagen Beetle – Germany

It has been a mystery how Beetle got its name. Nonetheless, the car has been highly popular with the people for its unique compact design providing adequate legroom and luggage space. The Beetle became highly popular with the people after a long time since it came into the market. The value of the classic car would be based on age, model and condition ranging from $1000 to $40000.

Mini – Britain

The Mini is popular in Britain for its unique and compact design. The car went on to become the bestseller in British history. The classic car would range from $5000 to $50000 based on age, condition and model of the vehicle. The car provided features such as adequate leg space and luggage room.

Fiat 500 – Italy

The Fiat 500 was a popular model with the people for its lowered aerodynamic node design. The lightweight car with unique design made it a stand out from its counterparts. The value of the car ranges from $4000 to $50000 depending on the model, age and condition of the vehicle.

Ford Mustang – America

The car became hot favourite with younger generation instantly. The car was specifically designed targeting the younger gen. The sports look and great performance of the car made it highly popular with the people. The value of the car ranges from $6500 to $70000 based on the condition, model and age of the vehicle.