How to Get Best Value for Mercedes Service

In case, you own a Mercedes and the service has been due, an important consideration would be the cost of the service. Several options have been made available to suit your respective needs. You could book your vehicle for service at any of the centers near you. You could also take your car to the main dealer or an independent garage. However, they should be able to carry out Mercedes service in the best manner possible for you. They should be conversant with the parts and functioning of the car. Both the dealer and independent should be using original parts, implying it should protect your manufacturer warranty.

Interim or full Mercedes service

You could either have interim or full Mercedes service. The interim service would be ideal for in between and main annual service. In case, you were high mileage car user, it would serve you in the best manner. The interim service would help you maintain the safety and reliability of your Mercedes SUV. On the other hand, full service would be performed annually. It would be far more comprehensive inclusive of a wide range of adjustments and checks. The Mercedes service would be executed according to the Mercedes specifications.

What does interim and full service entail?

An interim service would not be inclusive of lubrication of the door hinges. It would also not include checks the condition of car locks and catches, engine cooling fan, coolant system and throttle operation. The air and fuel filters would not be replaced along with the spark plugs. The condition of the HT leads may not be inspected. The gearbox, engine and distributor cap would also not be checked for wear and tear. It would also not include checking the wheel bearings. They would not check the coolant pipes, radiator, and hoses. It would be checked in full service. In full service, the wheels would be removed and the front and rear brakes would be checked for problems. However, in the interim service, they would not check it.

Cost of car servicing

Car servicing costs would now be highly competitive. There would be a wide range of Mercedes service centers that you could research for the best value. Mercedes dealerships may not be bound to tie you in their servicing. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to shop for good value Mercedes servicing deals. You would be able to save up to 60% off main dealer prices simply by shopping on your own.