Guide On How To Properly Inspect Used Motorcycle

There are a lot of things that you need to consider if you are going to purchase a motorcycle. But when you are looking for a used motorcycle in the market, you need to pay extra heed to certain details. It is very important to know that on what basis and factors are you going to inspect a used motorcycle.

Inspect the Motorcycle

The market for used motorcycles is increasing day by day. You can get amazing used motorcycles in affordable ranges. For fair deals and available options, you can check PerformanceNC website. But it is important that you know how to inspect a used motorcycle.

  • The first and foremost thing that you will see is the condition of the motorcycle. How does it look? Are both wheels in line? Are there any cuts, holes or cracks? You need to go through every part of the motorcycle to check for any signs of damage. Also, check for rust at the bar ends and fuel tanks.

  • Check if the tires are in good condition. You also need to check that if the bike is complete with two mudguards, pegs and pillion seats.
  • See if the engine is clean and not covered in grease and oil. You can also remove the seat and check for the tools.
  • Check if the bike’s side and center stand are in good condition. Also, don’t forget to look for scouring on brake discs.
  • The electrical harness must be retained and there should not be any loose wires. There should not be any fluid or oil on the forks.
  • Once you are done looking and checking for most of the parts, you need to check how the motorcycle is working. Start by grabbing the exhaust when cold and give it a little shake. See if it squeak or rattles.

  • Check the clutch levers and brakes for their stiffness. Also check the lights, horn and
  • Sit on the motorcycle and see how comfortable it is. Check if the seat is not loose and shaggy.
  • After sitting on the bike, compress the forks while holding its front brake and see if it makes any kind of
  • Check if the engine is in good condition. The engine must start easily and see if it blows any smoke.
  • Go for a short drive and check if the brakes work Also, check if all the controls are easy to use.

If there is any problem that you find out in the motorcycle, then see how can it be fixed and how much will it cost you. Be smart when you are out there buying a used motorcycle.