Everything You Need To Know About Quad Bike Safety

What are Quad Bikes?

Quad bikes are those motorized sit-astride vehicles that can travel on unpaved roads on four low-pressure tires. They have a seat which is designed to be straddled by the operator with the help of handlebars for controlling the steering. These vehicles are engineered to be used by a single operator, with no passenger. Although, Quad bikes are created to adjust with multiple terrain types, that includes steep slopes, they cannot be driven anywhere and do anything. If they are operated outside their safety operating limits, they can become rapidly unstable.

While on the subject of being unstable. The very common hazards associated with Quad bikes which can cause a minor or a fatal injury are:

  • being thrown off during vehicle overturns or after loss of control
  • collisions with structures, for example trees or other vehicles
  • being trapped/asphyxiated under an overturned machine
  • pedestrians being struck or run over by Quad bikes and many more

Personal Protective Equipment

Quad bikes for sale are not equipped with a cab or a roll bar, so what you wear is the only protection, especially head protection. You should always wear a helmet while riding a Quad bike. Many fatalities have been caused by riding Quad bikes which includes head injuries, and these could easily be avoided if one wears the helmet. All helmets should be designed and tested according to the pre-defined standard, have a chinstrap and should be able to use with suitable eye protection.


Wear on clothing that is strong and covers your arms and legs. Gloves can be used for protection and handlebar muffs can be used to keep your hands warm in cold weather conditions and for controlling the Quad bike effectively. Wear strong ankle-covering footwear. And, shield your eyes from insects and branches by using a visor or goggles.

Roll-over Protective Structures (ROPS)

Experts suggest that using roll-over protective structures (ROPS or crush protection devices) are not suitable for Quad bikes. It may increase the risk of fatalities in an event of an overturn by either avoiding the driver from separating from the machine or striking the driver as the machine overturns. Lap straps or seat restraints should not be equipped as they prevent the operator from moving on to the Quad for proper balancing. Lap straps or seat restraints is fatal with no full cab or roll cage. Weather cabs on Quad bikes limit the ability of the operator to jump clear in an overturn. The rider will possibly be crushed within the cab, until and unless it is sturdy enough to withstand the forces involved.